Dundee Utd 2
Vardar 0
UEFA Cup (2nd Round 1st Leg)

Dundee Utd
2 - 0

UEFA Cup (2nd Round 1st Leg)
Wednesday, October 23rd, 1985
Tannadice Park. Att. 9,129
7:30 PM Kick-off

Ian Redford (53)
Richard Gough (72)

Team Managers
Jim McLean

Starting Eleven
Billy Thomson
Richard Gough
John Holt
Maurice Malpas
Paul Hegarty
Dave Narey
Ralph Milne
Ian Redford
Billy Kirkwood
Eamonn Bannon
Paul Sturrock
Mumcilo Grosev
Ilija Najdoski
Milko Simovski
Dragai Kanatlarovski
Dragai Setinov
Cede Janevski
Stoimir Urosevic
Toni Savevski
Slavco Georgievski
Gordan Zdrakov
Vasil Ringov

Scott Thomson
Dave Beaumont
Gary McGinnis
Davie Dodds
Kevin Gallacher
Mirko Petrov
Vujadin Stanojkovic
Djore Jovanovski
Tomce Trajanovski
Venceslav Simonovski

Davie Dodds for Ian Redford (65)
Djore Jovanovski for Stoimir Urosevic (61)
Venceslav Simonovski for Vasil Ringov (74)

John Holt (89)
Gordan Zdrakov (21)
Stoimir Urosevic (44)
Toni Savevski (50)
Cede Janevski (54)
Ilija Najdoski (68)

Red Cards
None. Cede Janevski (79)
Ilija Najdoski (88)
Match Officials

Bernd Stumpf (East Germany) (Referee)

Match Report

This encounter with European novices probably ranks as the most unruly ever undertaken. In addition to the above misdemeanours, their coach, Vukasin Visjenvac, was also banished from his touchline position. Newcomers to Europe Vardar may be, but This display indicates they were highly proficient in the professional aspects of the game.

It was to the United's players great credit that they kept plugging away and eventually foraged two goals that provided the minimum cover for what would, undoubtedly, prove a testing second leg In Yugoslavia.

Vardar looked impressive in the early stages and It was in the first half that they came nearest to scoring, when Billy Thomson did extremely well to turn a Urosevic header past the post. As the game wore on, United's pressure increased, as did the intimidation, but eventually the vital opener came. Ralph Milne played in an early ball and Ian Redford stretched his neck to make contact and
diverted the ball past Grosev from about 14 yards. After Vardar's goal bore a charmed life, United finally got a second. Inevitably it followed a free kick. Eamonn Bannon drove his shot in hard, Grosev failed to hold it and Richard Gough, following up, rammed the ball into the roof of the net.

One incident near the end, perhaps, summed up the Yugoslav's attitude that night. An indirect free-kick in the box took almost two minutes to take due to their antics. The final count, therefore, of two sent off and three booked could easily have been greater.

Squad Statistics (as at October 23rd, 1985)

1985-86 All Time
Billy Thomson (GK)66 0 - 0 -
Richard Gough62 0 - 0 -
Paul Hegarty69 0 - 0 -
John Holt67 0 - 0 -
Dave Narey67 0 - 0 -
Maurice Malpas61 0 - 0 -
Ian Redford64 0 - 0 -
Ralph Milne62 0 - 0 -
Eamonn Bannon65 0 - 0 -
Billy Kirkwood65 0 - 0 -
Paul Sturrock67 0 - 0 -
Davie Dodds (sub)65 0 - 0 -

League Table (as at October 23rd, 1985)

No league table has been added for this season.