Dundee Utd 0
Rangers 2
League (Premier Division)

Dundee Utd
0 - 2

League (Premier Division)
Saturday, October 1st, 1983
Tannadice Park. Att. 16,738
3:00 PM Kick-off

None. Paul Hegarty (o.g.) (12)
Sandy Clark (39)

Team Managers
Jim McLean
John Greig

Starting Eleven
1. Hamish McAlpine
2. Billy Kirkwood
3. Derek Stark
4. Richard Gough
5. Paul Hegarty
6. Dave Narey
7. Eamonn Bannon
8. Alex Taylor
9. Maurice Malpas
10. John Holt
11. Davie Dodds
Peter McCloy
Ally Dawson
John McClelland
Dave McPherson
Craig Paterson
David McKinnon
Robert Prytz
Ally McCoist
Sandy Clark
Ian Redford
Davie Cooper

12. Gary McGinnis
14. Graeme Payne
Robert Russell
Dave Mitchell

Graeme Payne for Alex Taylor (49)
Gary McGinnis for John Holt (83)
Robert Russell for Robert Prytz (22)

None. Dave McPherson (4)
Sandy Clark (56)
Ian Redford (59)

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

Louis Thow (Ayr) (Referee)
W G Keir (West Calder) & T T Matthews (Glenrothes) (Assistants)

Match Report

Bang went our 100% record as Rangers recorded their first away victory of the season. Overall it was a below par performance with the absence of Paul Sturrock and the late call off by Ralph Milne proving too great a void to plug.

The crucial first goal came after only 12 minutes. Dave McKinnon swung over a cross. Ally McCoist and Paul Hegarty both went up for it and the ball struck United's captain on the back of the head, deflecting it into the net. Rangers' second in 39 minutes was no less clear cut. Following a corner, a John McClelland drive was blocked by Hamish McAlpine but entered the net via Sandy Clark.

Squad Statistics (as at October 1st, 1983)

1983-84 All Time
Hamish McAlpine (GK)35 12 - 5903
Richard Gough21 12311314
John Holt26 12224622
Derek Stark24 922147
Maurice Malpas21 9 - 852
Dave Narey27 11 - 46134
Paul Hegarty29 12141559
Alex Taylor21 82132
Billy Kirkwood25 12528159
Eamonn Bannon25 12320155
Davie Dodds25 128241103
Gary McGinnis (sub)19 1 - 1 -
Graeme Payne (sub)27 2 - 29121

League Table (as at October 1st, 1983)

No league table has been added for this season.

Manager's Programme Notes

Sorry to disappoint all you fans who enjoy Jim McLean's article in the match programme. This is a concerted effort from all the Directors EXCEPT Jim McLean. Those of you who take the Sunday Mail would have read the vicious attack on Jim by a Mr Don Morrison in the issue of 11th September after a Mail reporter was banned at the after-match conference the previous day. Unforunately, the Sunday Mail do not give us the right of a full and fair reply so this is our only means of cornmunication. For example, on 5th June Mr Morrison reviled us for seeking interest from Hearts on the unpaid balance of the transfer fees for Willie Pettigrew and Derek Addison almost two years previously. We wrote the editor, pointing out that Hearts had written us on 20th January, 1982, stating, "Heart of Midlothian will pay interest at the current rate on the outstanding debt." The editor stated he was willing to publish a letter making this point. Instead only an extract was published by Mr Morrison with a facetious footnote. Then, on 21st August, Mr Morrison referred to the large turnout for Hamish McAlpine's testimonial and included the following remark about Hamish. "Not only has he been a United stalwart for 17 years but has had to put up with Jim McLean for 12 of them. I reckon that's going beyond the call of duty." Mr Morrison, in his scathing attack on Jim in his article of 11th September, says that he jocularly remarked Hamish McAlpine deserved his bumper testimonial because he had put up with Jim for so long. What a sick type of humour! He also says in this article Jim cannot take criticism. The other Directors refute this. He can take criticism provided it is constructive and fair but wlien Mr Morrison criticises what players have been signed this is sheer arrogance. He is not even accurate in his statements.

The trouble about telling a lie is you must remember afterwards what the lie was. He had earlier castigated us for demanding interest from Hearts. He now says we had demanded speedy payment of interest from Hearts. Some difference. Incidentally the interest is still unpaid. Our supporters obviously support Jim's latest action in banning the Sunday Mail reporter as extracts on page 13 from one or two of the many letters received show. Mr McLean's fellow Directors are 100% in agreement with his action as, in fact, are the players, especially, as we have reason to believe the situation was set up by the Mail. It seems to be a particularly stupid action on their part as we had arranged to meet their sports editor and Mr Morrison on the 22nd of this month to try and remedy the situation. This meeting has, of course, been cancelled in view of Mr Morrison's aggravation of the situation. Mr Morrison is banned from Tannadice and the Mail refused contact with anyone connected with Tannadice until Mr Morrison apologises. If you believe he will. you will believe anything.