Rangers 5
Dundee Utd 3
Wartime (North Eastern - 1st Series)


5 - 3

Dundee Utd

Wartime (North Eastern - 1st Series)
Saturday, August 30th, 1941
Ibrox. Att. 5,000
7:00 PM Kick-off

Williamson (2)
McKillop (3)
McKillop (17)
Williamson (18)
McKillop (63)
Ian Smart (51)
Ian Smart (70)
Albert Juliussen (75)

Team Managers
Bill Struth Jimmy Allan

Starting Eleven
Antonia Kellar
Willie Clark
Eric Sibley
Ian Smart
Bert Adamson
John Ross
Joe Vannet
Stan Duncan
Cornelius Holland
Albert Juliussen
Jimmy Simpson

Match Officials

J.R Boyd (Denny) (Referee)

Match Report

Dundee Dis-United were four goals down after 18 minutes. Dundee United almost saved a point in the last half hour. That's the story in a nutshell.

The best we expected after the interval was an artistic, carefree display by those clever Ibrox youngsters. What we got, once Jenkins lost a silly goal in six minutes, was a great exhibition of courageous cohesive football that had Rangers in a tangle.

And the reason? Great-hearted old war horse Simpson. That Ibrox turf he knew so well was never trodden to such great effect by those pounding feet. Never did that famous head hit so many balls out of danger.

Like a youngster he was here, there and everywhere, even up with his forwards in that glorious recovery that threatened a Rangers victory. And they say they never come back.
The wee infrequent morsels of tasty fare served up by the Dundonians in the first half developed into satisfying chunks. With confidence restored they showed how they whacked Aberdeen.

Simpson's most effective henchmen were cool, clean kicking Sibley, the acrobatic Kellar in goal, still wearing his typically foreign fawn pants, tireless needle like Junior and go ahead opportunist Smart.

Rangers forwards with immaculate service from McDonald and Marshall were a delightful company, Williamson is moulded to the true Ibrox pattern. Jenkins was rather uncertain in goal, full backs dithery under United's severe second half pressure.

Match report written by Sunday Post

Squad Statistics (as at August 30th, 1941)

1941-42 All Time
Antonia Kellar (GK) - 4 - 4 -
Eric Sibley25 4 - 4 -
Willie Clark - 3 - 3 -
Ian Smart20 3232
Bert Adamson - 3 - 3 -
Joe Vannet - 4 - 4 -
John Ross - 3232
Cornelius Holland22 4444
Jimmy Simpson32 41648
Albert Juliussen21 3434
Stan Duncan - 3 - 3 -

League Table (as at August 30th, 1941)

No league table has been added for this season.